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In the past, companies were required to host a number of different systems to cover all of their business needs. But now, they can have a single system that covers every aspect of their business. The one-stop source for time and attendance, scheduling, payroll and HR-related information. Employees get the information they need through a single portal on any device saving time and reducing errors or miscommunication.
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Easy! We put all of the tools your business needs to handle your labor force, and put them into one handy location. Saving you time and money, and lessening the frustration that comes with dealing with numerous tools in separate locations


Automated workflows for onboarding, benefits enrollment, and more. Secure document storage


Build schedules based on need, skills required, labor law constraints, employee preferences and much more


Punch tracking and approvals, job costing, break enforcement, PTO accruals and requests.


Recruit high quality applicants utilizing the top job boards for maximum exposure. Background checks, E-Verify and WOTC tax credits

Workforce Resources

One-stop source for time and attendance, scheduling, payroll and HR-related information
Faster Hiring
Quickly access a larger pool of qualified applicants with less effort - move through screening, selection, and onboarding in record time
Benefit Enrollment
Employees select there benefits, clock-in/clock-out, access pay stubs/W2's all in one place
Optimized Punch to Pay
The entire process from scheduling to clock-in to payroll and paystub access is optimized to save time and money
Swift Payroll Processing
There is no paper, typing, or manual calculation to slow down the payroll processing
Engaged Employees
Alerts, messages, company directory, quick surveys, rewards, and an anonymous suggestion box encourage employees to get involved

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